Thursday, April 29, 2010

A few little mixed media works on paper

Aha an update! Brilliant!

Actually I just wanted to post a few of the tiny things I've been working on as I've been finishing up much larger work and strategize how to shoot them.

Despite the small format of these paintings (as in they are all 4x6 inches or under), they've managed to be a real pain in the butt to get good images of (you know, ones that actually reasonably represents what they look like? Frustrating!!!) Seam I am tearing my hair out over these little details more and more lately and I fear it is as much to do with old crappy equipment as it is to do with the fact that my paintings are just getting more and more complicated... sigh.... You know, I remember the days (years ago) when I was doing more black and white drawings, but also early paintings, when I'd shoot or scan and things would look so much more fantastic on the computer screen!! Sadly those days are over I guess.. lol.. so this leaves me/you a rather frustrated painter person who doesn't even want to try to take pictures of things to blog. Good times...

So now that I've bitched, here are some pictures! Only took 3 tries, too much photoshopping and there's still problems with most of them. lol. Hopefully I'll get to post my new ones in the next few weeks (and some updated previously-posted ones which I swear I soon will stop tinkering with...)