Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Update about the last little bit

So I know I haven't been doing a very good job about updating this thing... I just thought I'd throw up a few photos from some things that went on over the summer.... 2 shows, 1 in Nova Scotia at Power House Gallery and Studios in Lunenburg, and one at the WKP Kennedy Gallery in North Bay. I actually ended up receiving OAC Funding for both of these!!!!! (although I received notice about the Lunenburg show AFTER it was over... go figure!) I thought I'd throw up a bit THANK YOU!! I actually feel really lucky to be supported like this...

Despite my lack of updating my online stuff, and being kinda hush hush about what's going on in my artistic life, I've actually had a few successes this year that I am really happy with. I also have some work going on in a show Gallery in the Sky tonight in Toronto (although I'm not there for it... the work is there)... I guess the thing is is that I set out this year to do a number of different projects outside of London, and I had way more success with this than I ever thought possible.

Anyway, some pics of questionable quality from said shows, just to give this post some actual content:

In North Bay, Ontario:

In Lunenburg, Nova Scotia: