Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Old Figure Drawings for Sale

So I've been cleaning out some of my stash of stuff and I thought I'd mention this year...

I have a lot of older figure drawings left over from when I had more discipline to sell them than I do now ;)

Anyway, I've been kicking around the box for a while... I'd like to get rid of them if I can!! So, this is a great opportunity if you like my work or just want to support my newer work to grab one up. $20 or best offer for these ones. Check them on my facebook here:

All sales go directly to supporting my ability to create new work! And it would just be nice to have them GO some where as opposed to sitting in a box in my studio hidden from life... There are some really lovely drawings in this set and it's a shame to see them slowly getting purged to make room for new stuff...

So yeah! Spread the word! Take a drawing!