Sunday, November 29, 2009

Number 15

I like how I started this blog in Jan '09 and have a total of 27 posts. What does this say about this entire year. ??

Anyway, it's been a crappy weather day, and with our transit strike I wasn't going anywhere. I finished another drawing in illustrator - I think I'm really getting it now. Aside from indecisiveness in regards to my design, this actually came together pretty quickly with minimum googling.

This developed a lot considering my original drawing was this thing floating some-what to the right of this paragraph because I don't quite understand blogger's formatting.

I ended up editing it a lot first mirroring it and then adding to it, back and forth between illustrator and photoshop. The rest of the pieces come from a variety of sources, but unlike the waves in my last attempt, I didn't go so far as drawing original stuff to throw into the background, and just edited a bunch of random elements together to make it look half decent.And now to fold laundry.


  1. I hope what relatively few posts in your blog says in that you've been painting your butt off this year!

  2. This is in Illustrator?! Oh WOW.

    I could never wrangle Illustrator to this point of jaw-dropping detailed goodness, I was over-mathed by it. (Kind of like overwhelmed but with math!)

    It actually reminds me a lot of your fantastic "gateway to hell" in your apartment in Halifax :)

  3. haha that thing was the best!

    I'm starting to like illustrator a lot, using it in conjunction with photoshop. I had to find a way to incorporate my own drawings into it to make it practical for my own purposes, illustrator just becomes a tool for fine-tooling and design. It's not bad! I think you'd like it too, exp since you can create elaborate patterns pretty easily in it.