Saturday, December 26, 2009

Holiday Post!

Here it is.. a holiday post! I figure if I can't get anything posted during the normal year I can at least post something now when I have a little free time so here it is...

I usually don't give paintings as gifts but I painted this painting for a good friend of mine who has also been a great supporter of my work and she really liked it - success!!

Atmospheric Study No. 3
14x14 inches
Mixed Media on Paper

Anyway I've been home in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia the past week spending some time with family and friends. It's been a lot of fun but I am really anticipating getting back up and painting again! In the mean time, I've been drawing with watercolours, graphite and oil pastels to tie me over, and while I have figured out nothing concrete so far, it is on its way. Oil pastels are a new medium for me, and I must say my previous experience was limited to brutal crayon-like concoctions when I was a kid - an experience that had majorly tainted my thoughts on them in the past - but I had faith in the power of artist-quality materials and bought a set of senneliers (assorted landscape set if you really want to know) and as anticipated I love them!

I can't wait to get to Loomis and Toles tomorrow in Halifax and buy from their open stock. Hee!!

Watercolour is another media I don't use much, but I picked up a travel set to use with my pastels while on the road this winter. I have yet to find the same love for watercolour, although granted I bought cotman series windsor and newton which are considered student grade, with presumably less pigment load and more fillers. I still prefer the colour intensity, immediacy and qualities of the acrylic paint that I use, but I'm also impatient. I have a hard time wanting for watercolour to dry so I can build up the next layer of colour in an attempt to build the extreme contrasts that I love in my work. So perhaps I will like them more once I run out of the paints I have now and slowly start subbing better quality paint. Or perhaps I will discover its all just a pipe dream and I'm destined to just not like watercolour. :p

Anyway, I have a camera and should have things to post later.

Until then!

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