Saturday, December 12, 2009

Drawings Inspired by Europa

I have similar tendencies of many other artists I talk to - start millions of projects and never get around to finishing them.

Actually this is only a half-truth for me. I have a pretty good success rate when it comes to starting and finishing things, and I have no problem about sacrificing the things that just aren't working out in favor for a fresh start. I actually prefer to have many many works on my plate at one time; my painting process requires a lot of drying time, and for me to make the most of my studio time, I pretty much need to have many things to occupy my mind and time. I assume this is similar for many prolific oil painters and count my lucky stars that I don't work with that media. The draw of acrylic paint for most artists is the very quick drying time, but I often manage to find a way of prolonging this greatly.

The most productive times for me involve finding a balance between painting time, drawing time and computer time. I don't have internet access at my studio anymore and I guess that time has actually been replaced with other part-time work time anyway, but I've gotten back into doing several hours in the studio until all paintings are wet, then a few hours drawing at a coffee shops afterwords at night (also means I don't sleep as well but maybe I should just do decaf instead! Lucky for my body, the nearest cafe is only open to 9 most nights unlike downtown where everything was open 11 pm or later).

I started getting back into the habit while working on my last illustrator drawing (okay while this is computer work, it actually counts towards the art/drawing side of things in my mind), then started on some miniature drawings of... well I don't know what to call them yet. They are just heavily inspired by drawings I've done in the past of fossils, as well as images in my mind of various planet topography and memories of rock like shale and petrified wood:

1.5x1.5 inches
Graphite on Paper

I finally was motivated to work on these drawings, Drawings Inspired by Europa which I posted way back (Feb '09 oh my..)..How embarrassing! But here they are anyway:

Drawings Inspired by Europa 1,2,3 & 4 (in that order)
6x6 inches
Graphite on Gessoed Paper

These drawings have been clipped to a wall in my studio since I moved in, begging to be referenced in other work. This has yet to happen.

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