Friday, February 20, 2009

Drawings Inspired by Europa WIP

I know I haven't blogged much about it, but the shit in my life, work, and the construction in the building around my studio is inhibiting my ability to do several things including:
  • Paint
  • Think
  • Use the Internet
  • Blog

I'm making the attempt to pass the free time in coffee shops drawing. I've started a series of 4x4s inspired by black and white photographs of Europa.

Otherwise, construction has knocked out the internet (and power... I had to re-rout things with extension cords) to my computer, and it may be a few weeks before it gets put back to normal. There's also imminent construction threat in as soon as 2 weeks for one of the walls in my space.

I'll try to remember to blog the construction progress later on this week!


  1. Oh the sketches are looking incredible. I had this wonderful book about the solar system as a kid, it had a few colour photographs but most of them were black and white, and I loved staring at the intricate details of the Moon, Mars and other photos, including Europa etc, and imagining the textures, colours, and surfaces in my mind from only the black and white image.

    I remember falling asleep once reading about the Jovian moons, and dreamt that I was hunting moths on Ganymede - yes, with a giant butterfly net - and somehow they were bigger than me, and I was leaping high in the air to catch them in the lower gravity. I think I woke up when Jupiter rose over the horizon and I freaked out seeing it. :) This was when I was maybe 10 years old but I still remember that dream!

    Also I found these photos today (from Zoological Museum in Moscow) and immediately thought of your artwork:

  2. Your paintings - what I can see of them - look amazing - bold and exciting.