Thursday, February 5, 2009

I wanted to post sketches from Monday before I rambled onto something else.

I'm returning more and more to approaching drawing in a similar way I did with pastel back about 2 years ago.... but keeping it monochromatic, still limited by the lighting in the workshops here.

I realize I need to go back to working larger, on better paper. Full sheets of watercolour if I can afford it? But I've discovered from some previous drawings that happened to be done on overly gessoed paper, that this is the surface I love to work on (right now) and enjoy the drawings more as they become messier and messier.

Graphite, pastel with gesso on watercolour paper

I think there's soon actually potential here to finally create work at sessions that's actually interesting enough to be exhibited, or at least seriously promoted to galleries.

If only we had a bit more time than 30 minutes of working time... I really must reconsider ways to do more substantial figurative work than this. I may return to self portraits again for a bit, when it gets warmer again.

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