Sunday, February 8, 2009

Painting (it's like a brief tutorial!!)

Step 1: Remove all library books and other borrowed items from work surface (note: recent casualties)

Step 2: Locate Roller

Step 3: Locate suitable surface to roll paint onto (plexiglass pallets are good) and clean said surface with babywipes. Accept that it will never totally come clean, and give up, thus moving to step 4

Step 4: Spread paint with pallet knife

Step 5: Load roller with paint.

Step 6: Locate boring area of painting

Step 7: Roll roll roll

Step 8: Stop when areas have ideal coverage and painting seams more interesting (for the time being at least)

Step 9: When dry, glaze to achieve ideal colour and texture

Step 10 is being satisfied that painting can be a bit more interesting without always relying on the use of brushes, and that you've kinda been a complete lazy ass while doing it.

Next up: free pool and dinner as reward. I am a great white.

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