Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Suicide by Paint (Transformation)

So there's a lot of people here following my facebook. They all know, from my little frustrated outbirsts via my constantly updated profile, that painting hasn't been working and I'm feeling more and more at a loss with work as everything in my mind (and studio) becomes more and more frazzled.

I got some soft-bodied (read: liquidy) alizarin crimson like it would solve all my painting problems. Perhaps only indirectly. I accidentally managed to drop a blob on my wrist and took it as a sign that these works will be the death of me, and I should move on.

It wouldn't imediately wash off.

I don't mind, really. Its usually better to just accept defeat and move on, than spending a thousand hours trying to make something happen out of nothing.

I've collaged:

R.I.P. beautiful red swoosh of paint

And have done loose underpainting work:

It is currently much better in here right now. Though I still need to really consider cleaning.

There's been other major changes, re-thinking, and preperation for new work as well. When frustrations like this arrise, it usually means I'm well overdue for a drawing break.

Otherwise, I haven't had a chance to blog in a few days, but I've been trying to keep the camera handy.

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