Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fossil VI

While lately I've been doing a lot very very bad paintings and excessive lamenting about them, I still have been getting some actual work successfully accomplished.

I did this drawing yesterday afternoon while having coffee with another local artist Cheryl Radford.

Fossil VI
Graphite on Paper
4x3 inches

I'm at the studio now (my previous post done from home) armed with a full new bucket of gesso and some paint. Despite crappy winter I'm going to do something productive today.


  1. I never yet saw anything you did that I didn't want to know more about. I find the sketch fascinating but it's like the light isn't catching it properly. It's just me Axl, don't worry LOL

  2. There's this element of unfinished and undefined that I find interesting which is definitely one of the reasons I've been doing these fossil drawings. I think my scanner washed it out too much for my liking though.. its time for a new one.

    It's good to see you Brian!