Sunday, January 18, 2009


Fossil I

Since I've been reinventing my online persona (I s'pose you could describe this as), I've been debating all the little specific details of it all, including figuring out official names for both my blog and the new website I'm developing. (I partially believe that using the word "developing" to describe the timeI've been spending attempting to set up a website is a little too legitimate and perhaps too promising. Don't get you're hopes up yet. It is far from a success).

"Axl paints dead things" is a title that seams to comes up a lot.

Fossil II

It really has never been about the gimmick of painting/drawing decaying or fossilized animal parts. It has always been more of a fascination for their textures, patterns, beautiful abstractified elements of a being that was once alive and moving, and whole.

The first 2 drawings here are older works, developed around this time last year. The last 3 I finished up, or created from start to finish over the weekend.

The Annual Juried Miniature Show is happening at The Art Exchange soon, so I'm now debating which of these drawings to put in.

Fossil III

Fossil IV

Fossil V

These are all 4x3 inches, graphite on a watercolor paper. This would be an easier decision if I could afford to put all of them in the show but I guess it just isn't going to work out that way!

And then, of course, I also have this little drawing too which could also be put in... I think it's a very strong work as well...

A Sunset Inspired by Bridges


  1. Your work inspires me. I am still hoping to get that girl on me somewhere, unless I find a Gothic painting of yours that would fit my style better.

  2. Ooo well I'm not sure if anything gothic will come out of me in the future! I probably would have something suiting from back in the day but I don't think I have images of work from that era anymore. If I draw something creepy I'll be sure to post it for you :)

  3. lol! funny although some of my favourites of your work are the fossils.. i don't think of them as dead things... but fascinating textures. Still grieving the sale of my fish lol:( Great drawings... The Art Exchange should be thrilled with any of them!

  4. I'm voting for Fossil V, although I am sorely tempted by that sunset...

  5. ahha see I think textures too! And then every now and then people are like "Ew..."

    I might take all of them down to the gallery and just let HIM pick his favorite 2.

    Thanks for the E-love!