Monday, January 26, 2009

Well website work is important too

So I lied (right) about that whole painting thing?

Its an amazing, beautiful, wonderful, sunny day outside and I'm sitting inside figuring out website stuff.

At least I think I'm at a point where I can just start loading in content, and I have most of it sorted so from here on in it should go rather smoothly. I'll have to go out soon to set up for figure drawing and get things prepared for that, and then I'll most likely spend tonight painting.

I had some weird dreams last night, mostly which made me miss art school and question my studio practice. It sent me on a google hunt looking into art schools, and inspired a flurry of emails to various people I have questions for. On top of that, I went through a lot of mailing lists and picked out potential calls for small group show opportunities (more mail art stuff, small things, stuff of that nature) and am feeling a little caught up with what's going on again in the world.

I'd like to find some blogging projects to participate in, however! A few weeks ago, when I first set this up, the first thing I did was return to some of my old online art-networking haunts and ask if anyone had any ideas for connecting with other art bloggers on interesting projects like back in the days of Livejournal. Nothing yet...

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  1. let me know when your website is live, looking forward to seeing it!